2017 Blog Update! (1/5/17)

-Dylan D

Hey blogging brothers and sisters; I know I tried to give an update in my last post but I decided to give myself a whole page dedicated to how 2017 is going to go for me.

First off, my name is Dylan and I love writing about entertainment and emotional themes, sometimes I like to delve into philosophy. Not only would I like to be able to steer someone towards a good purchase or vice versa; I’d like to give people a good reason to appreciate things for a deeper reason.

Do you think Dragon Ball is a show just about some kid running around, screaming and punching things? I’d argue not.

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One day I hope to make a job out of what I love doing. So I guess it’d be like a journalism gig- who knows maybe one day I can start up a big website dedicated to entertaining thought pieces.

Anyway, this blog is like a stepping stone for me, a way to hop into the ring. So here’s what’s up:

Last time I said I would only post on Sundays- I’m not doing that anymore. On average I’d like to write two pieces a week, but I won’t keep myself to a strict schedule due to quality concerns.

Here are the types of posts you can expect from me:

Top 5/10’s


Opinion Pieces



(Always a chance I add more!)

The first two are obvious but the Opinion Pieces are just going to be posts where I discuss, well- opinions. An example would be ‘Why the gaming industry cares less about fans’

The Versus series will be when I put up two of anythings I believe can be compared, could be  TV shows or video games. I’ll then grade individual aspects they share and explain who I think does it better.

Lastly, Essays will focus on why I personally love something. In Reviews I discuss that topic but also while trying to convince my reader to try the show/game/book I’m reviewing. In Essays I’m not going to try and convince anybody. Do you hate Digimon? Cool, well let me give you an idea of why people I don’t.

Now I gotta be honest with you guys, I’m struggling in one place:

Review scores

Are they arbitrary or are they purposeful? I truly do read the blogs I comment on and I like to believe others are doing the same to my work. Review scores are like bait to just scroll to the bottom and skipping over the whole heart of the article. Is it counter-intuitive to spout heart-filled thoughts on something and then slap a grade on it like it’s a biology test?

Think about it; we may rate one game an 8/10 and another a 10/10 but we may prefer the 8/10 because it’s more colorful and generally fun or because we have fond childhood memories of it.

So here’s what I’m going to do right now:

I’m ditching the idea of a numerical score, but in doing so I’m going to focusing more efforts on the conclusion paragraph so if I have any speedy-readers who want an answer quick, they can just read that. But if I ever feel like my blogs popularity is going downhill, I have no choice but to bring them back.

If you guys have any counter-arguments to my review score idea, I’d love to hear them below in the comments!

PlayingWithThoughts is also a platform for my friends who like writing, so every now and then you may just see an article posted by a friend of mine. My good pal Vinny has been helping me fill up this blog. I think in 2017 it’ll be mostly be me, but don’t forget to check out the author on the top of articles!

Anyway, thank you guys so much for entertaining me, I hope I do the same for you. Get ready for a lot of anime related articles because man have I been binge-watching. I hope you all the best this year!



5 thoughts on “2017 Blog Update! (1/5/17)

  1. I look forward to reading your content. I very much agree with you on review scores (in fact my profession has many reasons why scores are bad!) and try to avoid using them myself. Good luck to you with your blogging and I hope it takes you where you want to go!

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  2. I still use review scores to give readers an indication of what I think of the game. It’s a form of protection because when critiquing a product I have a bad habit on focusing on flaws, so I end up giving the skewed impression that I hated the game even if in reality I thought it was good.

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    • I can see how they would come in handy in that case. I kind of have this itch in my head to systematically grade everything I fully experience, but I’m going to see how it goes stepping away from that.

      I don’t dislike review scores really, they’re quite helpful when reading somebody else’s articles. I just don’t think they would add anything to my reviews…who knows. Thanks for reading!

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      • A lot of people are moving away from scores because it is disheartening when readers ignore an in depth write up and just focus on the rating.

        One thing that I found handy about ratings is that it makes compiling a top five games of the year a little easier. Some people also dish out ratings because they harbor aspirations of appearing on Metacritic.


  3. Thanks for the follow! Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for this year!

    Regarding reviews, I tend to enjoy reading in-depth articles, regardless of whether there is a score. You might also consider scoring a few different aspects of the game, like graphics, story, characters, etc., if you want to keep the numerical portion of reviews. There’s also something to be said for trying one way, and then tweaking your style as you see what works best for you and your readers!

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