A Shameless Self-Promotion (Part 1/2)

Part of the reason for my recent light posting here is my work on another project (don’t worry, I won’t forget about this place). See, I am endlessly passionate about examining entertainment to see why so many people and I think they’re so good! A lot of people say Spider-Man 2 is the best flick for the webslinger, well how come when they tried to top it with Spider-Man 3 it flopped so hard? It’s stuff like that I find interesting, the development and philosophies that went into making the things I love.

My new channel trailer doesn’t explain that too much on a first viewing, but with a handful of views you might see what I mean. It’s called “Forward February” because I’m putting all my efforts into YouTube this upcoming month more than ever. I tried making a successful channel and failed twice actually (once a comedy channel and once a vlog channel). Those videos are gone and now I start fresh.

I plan to upload four videos a month, starting January 29th; yes Forward February starts a little early.

Image result for youtube logo

If you like video games, manga, movies, comics- most geek culture entertainment, then I would be very grateful if you checked out my channel now and in a couple weeks to see what I’m about. I plan to release my main series which will dissect entertainment, I also plan to do update vlogs where I talk about life and tips on creativity, interviews with friends who also like to be creative, and a ASMR type channel where I tell stories.

I tried putting in everything I love doing into one channel.

I thank you humbly just for reading this post, and if you don’t like it or comment on it I fully understand. PlayingWithThoughts will continue to run for a while, until life hands me my next step into writing about games.

If you like PlayingWithThoughts, I think you will like my channel, Dyl’sDesign during this Forward February. Thank you.


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