My Top 5 Most Random Amazon Purchases

-by Dylan D

It’s 1:41am and I just purchased all of Part 1 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (God I hope it’s good), and it sparked up a funny thought. How many times have we (I) been on the web and just said “I’m buying this.”? For me, far too many times. Most of my paychecks fade because of spontaneous purchases. So while I wait to see if I just wasted a good chunk of change, it’s time to look over my most random Amazon purchases. I won’t be ranking them by how worth it the item ended up being, just by how spontaneous the purchase was for me.

Side note: This could actually be really fun and hilarious if anyone else did this. So please, if you’re out of blog ideas, take this one!


5. Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy IX

Image result for chrono cross

I like collecting for my PS1 and I decided “why not pick up some awesome JRPG classics?” After hearing from one of my favorite YouTubers that Chrono Cross was severely underappreciated, and from multiple people that Final Fantasy IX puts of serious competition as the best of the series, I bought both! Both fairly cheap and hey, two more games to the collection.

Was it worth it: Nah. Not even close. Chrono Cross was cool with it’s scenery but I lost all interest in like the first dungeon. Everything about it felt so weird and somehow unimportant. Final Fantasy IX, not for me either. Shame. I’ll try them again someday. Maybe I don’t like JRPGS as much as I think I do…

4. Volumes 2-8 of Pluto

Image result for pluto manga

Pluto is a murder-mystery manga series written by one of the most beloved Mangakas of all time, Naoki Urasawa. Volume 1 was a fantastic read that had me intrigued and pondering upon deep questions like “what makes a person?” So like the dumbo kid I am I bought the rest of the series in one big order, not so cheap.

Was it worth it? Kind of, actually. Volume 1 was my favorite but Pluto had many good moments of interesting story. The moments leading up to the ending (not the actual ending) were good too. I didn’t enjoy it as much as other people, but seeing how it’s highly acclaimed, I think I might return to it one day to see if I like it better. A good and slightly complicated manga. (Please be better JoJo!)

3. Wacom Drawing Tablet

Image result for wacom tablet

“I’m gonna be the next Egoraptor” God. If only I could stop myself. I SWORE I would draw everyday and get good at flash animation. I wanted to make cool cartoons and liven up peoples day on YouTube. But damn, animating is hard. I give major props to anyone who does it. Here’s to giving up!

Was it worth it? Ha ha. No

2. Ready Player One

Image result for ready player one

I like video games. I stay inside too much. I wanted to read a book where somebody like me wins. It was like 2am (shopping hour I guess!) and I knew I wanted it. I had only just gotten a job and didn’t have much money- but I did it.

Was it worth it? Yeah! Ready Player One is a really fun book that references a ton of video games, TV shows, movies, anime and all pop culture. It’s a geeks dream. I won’t lie, it started getting tedious to read around the end because after like 150 pages of video game related stories and strategies, it felt repetitive, but the ending was perfect for the tale it told! Great book. Can’t wait for the movie.

1. Lighting Equipment

Image result for lighting equipment

In another attempt of being YouTube famous I decided to buy some much needed lighting equipment, like the “almost-pro” stuff. I was scared because I had just stopped working (still not…) and it was a big purchase.

Was it worth it? The first night I got it; I invited some friends over for a photoshoot and I had a blast. It was easy to set up and I felt like a damn professional, plus it was fun. It also helps with my videos. So yes. It was very worth it.


So there you have it! I’m very bad at money management but sometimes I get rewarded with something cool (PLEASE JOJO BE COOL). Thanks for reading, and like I said above, I would love to see others use this idea!


4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Most Random Amazon Purchases

  1. I love Chrono Cross and FFIX, particularly the latter, but I can see if you didn’t enjoy them. They pander more to fans of their RPG series. Also, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is excellent, and the part you bought probably includes the second part too, which is really good. I personally like the later parts of the show, so if you don’t end up liking the first season, do give the later ones a try. They’re really different.

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