Would Any of My Readers be Interested in… (2/18/17 Update)

Some samples of my writings and short stories?

What’s up guys. As you know, PlayingWithThoughts has become a place on the internet where I can talk about the things I love in a way I love doing it- writing!

But you see, my love for writing exceeds my love for writing about video games. Ever since I’ve been a kid I’ve had story ideas I thought were “cool”, but I usually quit them for a lot of reasons. Maybe I could finally finish an idea if some people who aren’t close family and friends read them? Maybe it could be like a “Short Story Sunday” type thing?

If you’re not interested and want more video game and anime stuff, don’t be afraid to let me know. Thanks for any and all input!


5 thoughts on “Would Any of My Readers be Interested in… (2/18/17 Update)

  1. I’m all about video game things personally, but it’s your blog! You post what you want to post and people will read it, myself included :-). It’s nice to get people’s thoughts on what you post too, so find out by posting it.

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  2. If you post it, they will read 😉 My advice is to post what you want on your blog and see what the reception is! I can officially say I’m over on Archive of Our Own, too, so I’m all about folks posting their original writings!


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