Collecting: Pleasure VS Sense

I like collecting stuff a lot. Having hobbies and collecting things is a huge part of who I am. Every time I get a new video game, book or blu-ray, I love to display it on my shelf. I even subscribe to collectors on YouTube just to think “One day…”. I’m all for pleasure through collecting. Who hasn’t bought a new game or comic on a really bad day to perk themselves up? But ever since I got back into manga I had to ask myself:

“Does it make sense to buy certain things just for the pleasure in owning it?”

 9 times out of 10, a good manga will get picked up for an anime series. Now don’t get me wrong, I love reading a good story through manga. Imagining things like voices, movement and heck even color are powerful ways for me to become immersed. But let’s be honest, I’m human; animated scenes with color, music and voices are too attractive for me to turn away from.

Image result for dbz manga

See I’m the type of guy who owns Majora’s Mask on N64, Wii and 3DS (and was even considering getting it on Wii U Virtual Console). I’m a young guy with no real expenses yet, it’s the time where I can do stuff like that. But I don’t like regretting purchases. It freaking sucks sending hard earned money down the tube for something I didn’t fully need or want.

I just finished reading JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1 and despite being considered the worst JoJo part, I liked it. But then I considered just how many volumes of the manga I would need to buy to catch up. Then I thought about the massively popular and still somewhat new anime. Why would I pay a couple hundred bucks for something I can instead watch for 6 dollars a month on Crunchyroll, or free anywhere else? The most common answers would be, to read the original format (the anime supposedly stays very loyal), just to have the books, and support the manga industry.

Yeah I get the pleasure of seeing it on my shelf once I’m doing reading it, but what else? Where’s the sense?

This post is really just a venting tool for me in order to stop buying so much stuff; I’m not trying to make you question your purchases wholeheartedly. I firmly believe in putting love and money into the things you like. But for myself I have to draw lines, so I decided no more manga with anime adaptations (unless they’re like really, really bad animes).

Sometimes we need to put restrictions on ourselves for not only sensible reasons but financial reasons too. I couldn’t buy all of Dragon Ball Z on DVD because of how long that show is and how expensive one set it. But Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and FLCL, much shorter shows that can be packed in one disc: worth it.

These voluntary and involuntary restrictions are not a bad thing though:


A small but personalized collection can be just
as valuable as a massive one.

I’ve recently thought of a way to make collecting even more fun; goals. I follow YouTubers who try to have every video game from certain developers. Mini goals like that can inspire originality in a collection and thus make it overall more special to own.

Personally I can’t wait to display my manga collection because most people will say “Why not just watch the anime?!” and then I can just explain that there are some amazing stories not suited for animation.

Or take the Wii U for example, it never fully took off as a console, and because of that in a few years down the line having a well versed Wii U collection with games like Tokyo Mirage Sessions or Bayonetta 2 will be seen as special or maybe even rare.

We as collectors never quite know what the external value of our collection may be five years down the line and that’s part of the excitement. But for me, really, the joy in collecting is making a library that reflects all my interests and loves.


So guys, have you ever had to restrict your collecting habits for monetary or sensible reasons? Do you have a certain theme to your collections? I’d love to know! Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Collecting: Pleasure VS Sense

  1. I wouldn’t count myself as a collector by any stretch, but certain things (mostly games!) are can’t let go of either for sale or just to clear space.
    My NES, GameCube and their associated games (to name but 2), will likely not get used for a long time if at all. But I can’t let go of them due to the nostalgia. Also I hope one day I can play with them with my daughter!

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  2. “But for me, really, the joy in collecting is making a library that reflects all my interests and loves.” – This sums up my own thoughts on collecting. I love to do it. I pick and choose what I want to be in my collection. But I do go hardcore into it when possible, being smart about what items are simply too expensive to acquire. Great post! I enjoyed it!

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  3. I love to collect as well, and I would probably have way more than I do now if I had unlimited space and money! But that is not the case, so I have to pick and choose what I collect. I just stick to the things I REALLY like! I’m really proud of the fact that I have kept all my video games throughout the years, though! I don’t think I’ll ever part with any of them!

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