An Ode to the Wii U

– by Dylan D

Today’s a momentous day for gaming fans everywhere. Not only are we blessed with a new and interesting console by Nintendo, but we’re getting what’s supposed to be an amazing new installment in one of the greatest video game series of all time. It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype regarding Breath of the Wild and the Switch, but I think it’s important to take a second and appreciate the Switch’s prototype, the GameCube 2.0 aka the Wii U.

Image result for wii uWind Waker HD was coming out the upcoming October and I’d never played it before. Not only that but there was Smash Bros, Mario and so many more exclusives I wanted.

I asked for a Wii U for my birthday but I didn’t just get that, I got a lot of memories.

I remember I wasn’t quite sold on the Wii U yet, I had fun with Nintendo Land but overall it wasn’t blowing me away. It was the end of summer vacation and I wanted something nice and fun to carry me into the new school season. I was graced with a series I knew nothing about: Pikmin.

Image result for pikmin 3

Pikmin 3 means a lot to me because it’s the first game that made me think “Okay, this was a good idea getting a Wii U”. The story was cute, the graphics were phenomenal and the co-op was fun. My and my close friend spent hours upon hours trying to get gold medals on every stage. And when we weren’t we were duking it out in VS mode.

I’m only realizing it as I’m typing it now but I have an emotional connection Pikmin 3, perhaps it’s time to replay it.

The main reason I asked for a Wii U was to help me get into the Zelda series. With a 3DS I could only play the 2D games and Ocarina of Time, a game I was already familiar with. Finally I was blessed with what would be my favorite game of all time for the next year:

Image result for wind waker hd

I had never played a game quite like The Wind Waker. It was open, but at the same time narrative driven. The art-style was stunning and the gameplay fun. It fixed issues with the original GameCube version I luckily never had to experience.Wind Waker HD captured my imagination and more importantly cemented what Pikmin 3 established: a Wii U was worth it.

Super Mario 3D World box art.jpg

A great Christmas gift

As if beating Wind Waker twice in a row (Hero Mode 3 Heart Challenge!) wasn’t enough playtime, Christmas came and so did Super Mario 3D World. Now you wanna talk about a great co-op game, look no further. Although I got the most multiplayer time with one friend (the same from Pikmin), I had some other friends play and it’s always a blast.


Yes there was no better time to own a Wii U than 2013. It the big releases weren’t enough, the eshop was being packed with cool indies and Virtual Console games. If the Wii U eshop wasn’t enough, go into Wii mode and look at those Virtual Console games- endless games.

But it wasn’t quite over yet!


The beginning of 2014 gave us Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, a game I didn’t quite appreciate until my second semester in college. It’s gorgeous, packed with an amazing soundtrack and inspired levels- one of the best 2D platformers you could ask for. A few months later and we get what is probably tied for the best Mario Kart ever.Image result for mario kart 8

Mario Kart 8 again was beautiful (only ignorant people say the Wii U graphics suck). The anti-gravity was fun and with a good online (free too!), I had a blast. Much like Donkey Kong I didn’t fully appreciate Mario Kart 8 until my college roomate and I played it for about 40 hours together. We did Time Trials, Grand Prix, everything…

I’ve skipped some games of course like the titan that is Super Smash Bros for Wii U, the game I’ve spent the most time player with friends ever. We’re close to 300 hours and if you do the math, with Smash alone I basically paid an hour for pure entertainment and memories- so worth it.

I haven’t quite realized it until now but the Wii U is a very nostalgic system for me. I underestimated it a lot during it’s lifetime but overall it provided me with countless hours of fun, and without a solid online system- it’s by far the most social system I own. I’ll miss the Wii U I really will.

And don’t get me started on it’s Swan Song.


I usually don’t spoil blog ideas I have but expect a Top 5 Wii U games to come very soon and an article (doubt it’ll be a review) about Breath of the Wild!

Do you have any Wii U memories? Share them below!


6 thoughts on “An Ode to the Wii U

  1. I think I feel very similarly to you about the Wii U. I ended up with one after buying it as a gift for my boyfriend who eventually moved in with me, and as someone who is primarily into retro gaming, I loved that the Wii U featured games from those familiar franchises of old. I was about halfway through Skyward Sword on my Wii when the Wii U made its way into my home (I know, I’m slow!), so I had the amazing experience of playing that game in a higher resolution along with many other great Wii titles. I also spent a ton of time raging away at Mario Kart 8 online, playing the Yoshi, Kirby and Mario games as well as awesome nods to older games like NES Remix. I too played through a portion of The Wind Waker on this console for the first time and adored it. It’s a great console, contrary to popular belief! Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the matter.

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