The Importance of Trying New Video Game Genres

-by Dylan DiBona

*Disclaimer – My apologies if this piece seems of lesser quality than normal. I’m writing this on the go, coming back from vacation.*


The beauty of getting into a new hobby is not knowing exactly what you like about it. Whether it be TV, movies, music or video games, genres allow for multiple unique experiences while still occupying your favorite form of entertainment.

As a kid I would play anything that came my way. Often times it was whatever was on sale or I begged my parents for. It wasn’t until I was about 12 or 13 did I realize I had specific tastes. I’m a huge action-adventure fan, platformers lover and I enjoyed RPG’s. After soaking those up for years, I got bored. It may be hard to think of video games like this since they’re an expensive hobby, but sometimes it’s good to buy a couple of “in-between” games.

By that I mean, in gaps between big AAA games like Call of Duty or Zelda, it’s good to play games in other genres you may not usually play. How The Walking Dead introduced me to the narrative joys of Telltale is one of many examples.

Sometimes I get bored of slashing through enemies or casting magic, so I’ll enjoy a weird indie game like Limbo or Transistor. The peaceful antics of Animal Crossing or Tomodachi Life are other nice pace-breakers. I’ve realized that even though I don’t enjoy every genre of video game out there, it’s important to try them to broaden my horizon. If I never did, I never would have fallen in love with the Fire Emblem games.

Lately I’ve been getting into arcade-y games like Downwell and soon Super Stardust Ultra. I’m excited to see what else the genre has to hold for me. Getting into new genres has reminded me just how huge the world of video games is, and it makes me appreciate it even more.


So guys, what do you think? Haven you gotten into any new video game genres lately? Or are you satisfied enough with what you like? As always, thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “The Importance of Trying New Video Game Genres

  1. I’ve always considered myself as someone who tries most genres. I’ll play pretty much anything that seems interesting. The only thing I generally avoid are puzzle platformers (they tend to annoy me) and sports games (I find them repetitive).


  2. You make a lot of great points! I will try pretty much any genre. I’m not huge into sports games, but I played the hell out of Super Tennis and NCAA Basketball (both on the SNES) when I was a kid. I have my favorite genres, but I’m open to all of them 🙂


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