New Blog Schedule! (3/26/17)

-by Dylan DiBona

Hey guys! Been a while since my last update here. So, little life update; I’ve decided what I want to do as a career: gaming journalism. There’s a few reasons I want to pursue this path. The most obvious being that I love video games, and I love writing about them. But on the more serious note, I’ve noticed a lot of disdain towards journalism as of lately, especially gaming journalism. People will go as far as saying it’s a joke, stating that journalists ditch facts for more click-bait like articles.

I’m not doing that.

I also don’t want to come off as every other games journalist out there who describes AAA games as “epic” or “awesome” and gives them 9/10’s! I want to you bigger, better and stronger vocabulary. I won’t let numerical scores determine a games worth in my reviews, I’ll let the words do the talking.

I want to write stuff for the intelligent and information-hungry consumers I know that are out there.

So in order to take my first step towards my dream, I’m going to write an article every single day. I tried doing that this past week, but yesterday I screwed up.

So what can you expect? One again let’s get the obvious out the way: Reviews, Top X Lists, VS. Those will be slightly more rare from now on.

Some new stuff I’ll be focusing on are what I like to call topic pieces, for a lack of a better term. Topic pieces will be taking one aspect of a game or the gaming industry and try to stir up conversation. I tried this with my Mega Man post and Video Game Season post.

On Fridays I’m going to do News Collection sort of post where I take the most interesting gaming news and compile it, no opinions will be in those posts; I need experience writing from factual point of views, without opinions. Now, I’m saying interesting because if something like “Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Announced” happens, everyone’s going to know about it, so why put it in (unless it was a slow news week)? Again, this is for the intelligent and conversation loving player. I want the comments of my blogs to spark conversation, I will start this by replying to comments more.

Thanks everybody so much! Have a great Sunday!


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