Four 3DS Games Still Worth Excitement in 2017

-by Dylan DiBona

The Nintendo 3DS is my favorite handheld of all time. It may still keep the quirky dual-screen idea from it’s predecessor and have a useless stereoscopic 3D ability, but the games on the system proved to be fun and worth my time constantly. We had games of console quality hitting the 3DS constantly. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon looked better and has more to offer than it’s older brother on the Gamecube. The Kirby games looked and played like Return to Dreamland on Wii- heck we even got a Wii game ported to the 3DS with Xenoblade Chronicles. It may seem impossible because of the Nintendo Switch, but the 3DS still has some games worth being excited about.

Now I could throw together a much longer list, but I’m only putting the games I’m genuinely interested in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m curious to see how Lady Layton and Professor Pikachu fare with fans, maybe I’ll even get them one day. But these are four games that actually hold my intrigue and I’m listing them in the order I want them from least to greatest.



Ever Oasis

Image result for Ever Oasis


Okay I’ll be honest, when I first saw this game at E3 I didn’t really care. But as a self declared 3DS adorer, I have to give this game attention for a couple reasons. For one, it’s most likely the last new IP worth noting on the 3DS. Not only that but it’s being developed by Grezzo, the team that remade Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. It’s quite possible that while remaking those games Grezzo picked up on what makes a good action-adventure game; hopefully some elements from those classics make their way into Ever Oasis.


Dragon Quest XI

Image result for dragon quest 11 3dsJRPG

We know by now that the Dragon Quest games are staple JRPGS. They’ve done the DS and 3DS justice with many enhanced remakes and spin-offs. What’s interesting about the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI is the two different art styles.

While on consoles DQXI will look very clean and beautiful with a the usual slight cartoonish approach, on 3DS players will have a choice between the chibi style you see on top, or the classic 16 bit style you see below.

Not only do these two graphical styles add replay value, they make the 3DS version just a little bit more special.


Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

Image result for radiant historia perfect chronology


My DS experience started early and sadly ended early. I never got to experience the acclaimed JRPG Radiant Historia. The game originally released a month before the 3DS, dooming it’s sales. It’s now getting a second life and from the looks of the trailer, the enhancements look worth my excitement.

The Perfect Chronology version of the game comes with enhanced visuals, a new character, a new game mode and the ability to change difficulty whenever. I’m sure there’s a little more yet to be announced. If you’re like me and never played Radiant Historia, it’s often called on of the best JRPGS of the past decade, sometimes ever made.


Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia

Image result for fire emblem shadows of valentia

Tactical JRPG

Okay, so the 3DS game I’m most excited for is a remake, so what? North America never saw the original Fire Emblem Gaiden, so this is a whole new game for us. Usually Pokemon is the system seller in Nintendo’s handheld history, but Fire Emblem dominated the 3DS and we’re getting one last entry. I’ve loved the tactical combat and the relationship building of Fire Emblem ever since I first played Awakening. I’ve never felt so close to characters in JRPGs.

Not only does Shadows of Valentia bring us more Fire Emblem, it changes the formula by staying local to the black sheep, Gaiden. There will be third-person dungeon crawling and map exploration. And for the first time ever for Fire Emblem on 3DS, the game will have full voice acting and anime cutscenes. Needless to say, this is one of my most anticipated games of the year.

It may be mostly RPGS, but hey the 3DS is still kicking. It’s sad to see one of my all time favorite systems die quietly, but I’m glad to still have games worth being excited over.


So guys, any 3DS games you’re excited for in 2017? Is PS Vita better? What are some of your best 3DS memories? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to reply!


3 thoughts on “Four 3DS Games Still Worth Excitement in 2017

  1. Those are definitely the ones I’m looking forward to. And as a big JRPG fan, I’m glad there are still more coming. I’m especially looking forward to Ever Oasis, since it’s a new IP, and it looked pretty good from what I saw. But I enjoyed Radiant Historia so much for DS that I’m looking forward to double dipping. And I already have FE Echoes preordered, so I certainly want that.

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  2. Good list! I’m really looking forward to Ever Oasis. So little has been said about it since the initial reveal, it’s almost concerning, really. Just hope it doesn’t get pushed too far back, because by Christmas we’ll be looking at Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2, two games that are sure to be pretty behemoth in scale.

    I’ve been intending on playing Radiant Historia for quite some time, and now I’m glad I waited. However, I can’t help shake the feeling that Atlus should be focusing more on the Switch (or at least, dual-releases), since that machine needs good RPGs, and on a physical copy, to boot! Shin Magami Tensei notwithstanding, the more support, the merrier!

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