Gaming Question Sunday #1: More Than One Try?

-by Dylan DiBona

Hey guys! Welcome to a new segment I’m going to be doing on Sundays. Basically I’m going to ask everybody a question in hopes of getting a good discussion going on in the comments. This will be fun and also make Sundays a bit easier for me so I can focus on writing better stuff during for the work week. So anyway, the first question.

What video game took you more than one try to like?

I can be very impatient and quick to judge. If a game doesn’t do something impressive within it’s first five minutes, I might just quit it forever. The biggest answer for me is Bioshock Infinite. I was so scared of this game for no reason, it actually took me three times to like it, now I love it!


Thanks for reading this week! Can’t wait to read and reply to your comments!


7 thoughts on “Gaming Question Sunday #1: More Than One Try?

  1. Skyrim. The introduction to the game is so linear it felt like we’d lost the open world of Morrowind and Oblivion. Then the intro ended and I was free to ignore the story markers and wander off to get killed however I chose. Then I started loving it.

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  3. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King was that game for me. The first time I played it the game felt too long and what I perceived to be difficulty spikes during boss battles turned me off to it. I never finished the story. When I came back to it and started again later, I fell totally in love with it and decided to branch out to other games in the series. Now the Dragon Quest games are some of my favorite RPGs!

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