Eleven Hours With Persona 5

-by Dylan DiBona

If you’re wondering why I’m a little behind my usual 12-1pm posting time, it’s because I’m absolutely in love with Persona 5. From the moment I opened up the yellow envelope yesterday and saw the gorgeous steelbook, this game spewed it’s aesthetic and attitude all over my heart.

Persona is one of those experiences that don’t come around too often; it took almost a full decade of development and unlike Final Fantasy XV or The Last Guardian, the wait was very worth it.

I though Persona 4 was tough on normal difficulty, so I don’t know what prompted me to choose hard for Persona 5, but this game is kicking my ass.

Image result for persona 5

Eleven hours in and I’m only a level 9. My team is slacking and my protagonist is bringing in all the work. I’m only about three quarters into the first dungeon and I’ve seen probably less than one quarter of what the full game has to offer. What’s amazing is that small piece is already offering me tons of activities like the usual Persona stuff of hanging out with friends and part-time jobs, but also new stuff like batting cages, coffee making and most excitingly- thievery.

If you’ve read even a single excerpt from any P5 review you’ve probably seen the word “style” thrown around a lot. It’s true, Persona 5 has a soul of it’s own. After almost twenty years of gaming I can safely say that no game has the same charm, look and style as Persona 5. It’s truly wonderful and breathtaking at times. The music, the vibrant colors and story are all great so far and show me a promising future. I already have one sixth of my playtime from Persona 4 and I know I haven’t done squat with 5.

With the difficulty set on hard, I know this game is going to be a long and tough journey; and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


Anybody else enjoying Persona 5? Let me know down below and I’ll try my best to reply.

Quick side note: I’m going on vacation starting tomorrow but I still plan on posting every day. Excuse me if the post times are scattered. As always, thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Eleven Hours With Persona 5

    • Thanks! It’s like a double edged sword, this vacation. I’ll miss Persona but at least it’ll last me longer haha. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts if you share them one day. I just finished the first dungeon 14 hours in, the pacing feels so unique but enjoyable; Persona is the only series I would sink so much time into one playthrough of a game.

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      • Wow, that’s awesome! Not that you’ll miss it, but that you’ve sunk in so much enjoyable time on it so far. This will be the first Persona I play if I get it, so I’m excited to finally try out the series sometime.

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      • Ok, I will say that I’ve played the first 30 minutes of P4G, but I didn’t do very much, obviously. Do you recommend playing P5 and then going back, or should I play P4G first?

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      • You may not like this answer but I’d recommend going back to 4 first for a couple of simple reasons. Other than still being an amazing experience, 4 is pretty different in design. The dungeons are much more straightforward. I’m gonna assume you’ve played a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game because of your avatar, the dungeons in P4 are exactly like that, hallways and rooms- find the stairs.

        P5 has a bigger world, more things to do and most importantly- the dungeons and gameplay have been expanded upon drastically. Dungeons are detailed and each room feels unique, there is some light stealth gameplay as well.

        Overall P5 has improved on P4 in every aspect as far as I could tell, so if you really want the “Wow, this is so amazing!” moment, go 4 than 5.

        Hope that wasn’t too much to read, haha.

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      • No worries, that helps a lot actually, since I have P4G already. I’ll try to go through that before P5. I’m not in a hurry to get to it, though if I end up getting it as a gift somehow, then I’ll probably play it. Either way, I hope to properly play a Persona game soon!

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  1. I keep seeing this game anywhere and maybe it’s just great marketing, but it’s begging me to play it. Unfortunately I just learned it’s only on PS4 which I do not have. Ah well, if it was meant to be, either it’ll come out for the Switch at some point or a PS4 will fall into my lap 🙂

    Enjoy your vacation!

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