Gaming Question Sunday #2 – Your Special Gem?

-by Dylan DiBona

Hey guys! Welcome back to Gaming Question Sunday. Basically I’m going to ask everybody a question in hopes of getting a good discussion going on in the comments. This will be fun and also make Sundays a bit easier for me so I can focus on writing better stuff for the work week. So anyway, the second question:

What game does nobody you know in real life like, except for you?

I gotta swing it back to virtual novels. Much like I said in my Danganronpa review, I know zero Ace Attorney fans personally. I’d also add Danganronpa into the mix. I kinda like it when I don’t know any fans of a certain game, it makes it feel like it’s all mine, my special little gem.


Answer down below and I’ll try my best to reply! Thanks for reading this week!


2 thoughts on “Gaming Question Sunday #2 – Your Special Gem?

  1. I do like Danganronpa too. I reviewed it a while ago and I think your write up agreed with most of what I wrote too.
    I don’t think I have many games I like that no one else does, at least none that spring to mind.


  2. Woo boy.. I feel like there’s a lot of them! I play very different games than my friends and it shows – my friends don’t like the Japanese-style of games, and I don’t just mean JRPGs either. Games that are just silly fun seem to resonate with me and not so much my personal friends.

    Hatsune Miku definitely stands out. I love rhythm games lately (and I think I have some pretty good rhythm..) and I’ve enjoyed the crap out of Project Diva F 2nd on the Vita. I would bet a billion dollars that my friends would immediately be put off by the anime singers alone. I wouldn’t even bother showing them this – they like western games and I don’t think they would be open to even spending 5 minutes on something Japanese even though that’s where so much inspiration for western games come from. Shame, really.

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