Steven Universe: Attack the Light Review [IOS]

-by Dylan DiBona

It’s not often I’ll review a book, and almost rarer I’d review a mobile game. Seeing as I’m on vacation and decided not to bring my 3DS; I brought my phone alone for some quicker gaming experiences.

I was surfing through my “Purchased But Not on This iPhone” and came across Steven Universe: Attack the Light. Immediately I regretted not finishing the game last time I downloaded it, so I decided to give it another go.

There’s one thing you should know before we start this review: I absolutely adore Steven Universe, it rivals for my all-time favorite TV show. Of course it was the incentive for me to purchase Attack the Light, but my next comments are as unbiased as possible.

Attack the Light is a Paper Mario inspired RPG. It mixed turn-based combat with spontaneous button clicks that can enhance moves. Players explore dungeons by swiping scenes. You’ll battle plenty of enemies, open tons of trashed chests and even unlock badges for upgrades (yes I said badges, a la Paper Mario).

Each of the four characters all feel unique and can be devastating when combined with other moves. Attack the Light offers replayability with Diamond-Mode difficulty, achievements and reatively easy 100% completion.

I’ll keep this review brief seeing as I’m typing it on my phone. Attack the Light is my favorite mobile game, and I’m saying that aside from being a Steven Universe fan because the story here isn’t even all that grand. The very little dialogue is cute but the story is minuscule in comparison to the TV show.

It’s actually not that hard to recommend this game for non Stevn Univese fans. The small story is non-intrusive and fans of RPGs or even just Paper Mario should find something to enjoy. It’s a mobile game so it’s not something I’d recommend binging for hours, but it makes for great 20-30 minute sittings.

Steven Universe: Attack the Light is a great game.


Any other Steven Universe fans here? What are your favorite mobile games? Let me know down in the comments below and I’ll try my best to reply!


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