Interesting Game News Roundup (4/10-4/14)

-by Dylan DiBona

Nintendo Discontinues NES Classic

Image result for nes classic

In a truly baffling move, Nintendo has decided to no longer produce one of it’s most demanded items of recent years: the NES Classic. Fans will now have to scour the internet and pay outrageous prices for the nifty little device. This was announced on the April 12th Nintendo Direct.

Bandai Namco Teases New Game

Bandai Namco, the publisher most known for Dark Souls, has teased a new project. The main line used for advertisement has been “Prepare to Dine”, oddly sounding like “Prepare to Die”, a term easily applicable to Dark Souls. The official reveal is schedules for April 20th with a teaser trailer below.

Yooka-Laylee is…OK?

It seems fan reception is quite different than critical reception of Playtonics Yooka-Laylee. Fans online have confirmed camera and control issues, also some cosmetic annoyances; but overall they swear it delivers on a proper Banjo-Kazooie successor.

More Amiibos Announced!

Nintendo has announced even more amiibos. Three new versions of Link are availble, the Majora’s Mask version is the most interesting as it will most likely unlock the Fierce Deity armor set in Breath of the Wild.

Image result for new amiibos majora's mask

More exciting are the very last amiibo to enter the Smash Brothers line. Two versions of Bayonetta, Corrin, and Cloud are coming July 21st of this year.

Overwatch Uprising Season

Image result for overwatch uprising

Blizzard has launched a new seasonal event for it’s team based FPS. Uprising takes the heroes of Overwatch back into the days before their downfall. New Loot Boxes have been released and even better; some insight into characters pasts. Players can experience Tracers first mission. This will surely feed the demand for more information on the lore of Overwatch.


So there you have it! I’m back from vacation and posts will continue tomorrow! Any gaming news not mentioned here interest you? Let me know down below and I’ll try to reply! As always, thanks for reading.





3 thoughts on “Interesting Game News Roundup (4/10-4/14)

  1. The discontinuation of the NES Mini really aggravates me. Not even because I wanted one, although I would have bought one eventually if it ever got to a point where you could, ya know, actually walk into a store and buy one at retail cost.

    On a more positive note, I loved the amiibo announcements, and I think we’re about to see another amiibo ‘bubble’ where the stock runs low and prices shoot up, only to come crashing down in about 8 months. Pretty incredible, amiibo prices fluctuate more than the freaken Dow!


  2. Sometimes it feels like Nintendo don’t want to make money. In other news I am enjoying the Overwatch event. Blizzard should make the PVE content permanent. Hope you had a fun vacation by the way.


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