Five Video Game Sequels We’ve Waited Far Too Long For

-by Dylan DiBona

If you’ve really enjoyed a game and it performed well monetarily; there’s no better feeling than when you hear that game is getting a sequel. With more money and time it’s should seem like sure thing that a sequel can improve on the original.

On the flip side, waiting for a sequel for too long can tarnish all sense of anticipation and hype. Final Fantasy XV didn’t blow anybody away, neither did The Last Guardian. It can be seen as quite troublesome or just plain annoying is development on a game takes far too long. Some sequels have taken so long to be released I cannot possibly justify excitement.


Beyond Good and Evil 2

It’s hard for me to believe that back in 8th grade days that Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil was my favorite game ever made. That’s not a way of me critiquing the game, it’s fantastic. I haven’t replayed it since but I still remember certain tunes, moments and characters. Beyond Good and Evil is like a Zelda game without the Zelda; it’s a genuinely special adventure and due to it’s cult classic status, it feels personal.

Image result for beyond good and evil

With the first game ending on a cliffhanger and only two teaser trailers, fans like me have been left in the dust for the past few years at E3. I’m not expecting it at all this year, but please Ubisoft just cancel the game or release it; my heart can’t take it anymore.

Kingdom Hearts 3

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Perhaps the grossest offender of a sequel taking too long is Kingdom Hearts 3. I’ve been waiting for this game since I was about nine years old and in July I turn twenty.  There’s no justifying Square Enix’s treatment of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. With an obnoxious amount of spin-off games and an inexplicable plot; the series has long since fallen from grace. I won’t lie, my friend and I jumped and screamed with excitement when we got that trailer at E3 a few years back. The older I get the more I understand how unacceptable the development cycle for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been. With the aforementioned Final Fantasy XV coming from the same company, we’re probably in store for an okay game.

Half-Life 3

Memes aside, does Half-Life 3 even exist? I’m not a gigantic fan of the series, only dipping my toes into the first and second entry for a little bit, but Half-Life seemed special. In the first game I enjoyed the almost nonexistent loading times and tutorials. The game felt kind of “real” in a sense. The players logic translated into gameplay and it was infinitely rewarding.

Image result for half life 3

It’s a shame that Valve doesn’t really make video games anymore. With the gargantuan success of Steam it’s easy to see why though. Half-Life 3 may not even come out someday, but if it does millions of fans around the world will laugh with joy.

The World Ends With You 2

The World Ends With You has transformed from an underrated gem on the DS to one of it’s most beloved games, and it deserves it greatly. There was nothing quite like the original game, sliding the stylus on the touch screen felt more action packed than ever. With a great plot and intriguing characters The World Ends With You succeeded in it’s trials to be a great game. So where’s the sequel?

Image result for the world ends with you 2

We’ve gotten Neku and his friends in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, and even a cliffhanger on the iOS edition of the game. Once again it seems like Square Enix dropped the ball with a sequel everybody desires. Go ahead Square, make another few Kingdom Hearts spin-offs. With the Nintendo Switch being recently released, there’s no better system to have a sequel to Square Enix’s golden DS game

The Next 2D Metroid

This one may be a bit selfish since I vastly prefer 2D Metroid over 3D, but we need another 2D Metroid badly. 2002’s Metroid Fusion is actually the most recent in the series’ timeline, with Prime being prequels. For the few that care about the story (like me), we want more desperately; and the same goes for the many who miss the gameplay.

Image result for super metroid

Many games have tried to replicate the glory of old-school Metroid like Axiom Verge but they don’t quite hit the same spot. We wen’t through the sludge of Federation Force and even a statement from Nintendo saying that they’re working on both styles of Metroid. Hopefully this E3 will be promising.


So guys any sequels you’ve been waiting forever for? Let me know down  below and I’ll try to reply! As always, thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Five Video Game Sequels We’ve Waited Far Too Long For

  1. I really wanted the Beyond Good and Evil sequel. Otherwise I don’t tend to really care about sequels to games. If a new game in a series comes out I may try it but if it doesn’t I’ll find something else to play.

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  2. The Golden Sun series is awful for this. The first game and The Lost Age came out relatively close together, but between The Lost Age and Dark Dawn there was a gap of seven or eight years, and it’s been that long again since Dark Dawn came out, even though it ended clearly setting up a sequel. At this point, I kind of just assume that the series isn’t ever going to finish up.

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  3. Totally with you on Kingdom Hearts 3, it’s been so long between mainline titles. I’m in a totally different stage of my life now, and I’m not sure I will still connect with that angst like I once could 😅 I’d like another BioShock, please!

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  4. Would love to see either a 2D side scrolling Metroid, or a Prime-style one. Either would be great, just no remakes or remasters!

    On a different note, I feel like the hype around Half Life 3 is already so enormous that there’s no possible way they could deliver the game we’re all expected. The genre has come so far since Half Life 2 and even that engine is started to finally look a little dated!

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