The Perfect SNES-Mini Games List

-Dylan DiBona

In an unsurprising turn of events, Nintendo has been reported to be working on a SNES Classic Edition, a sequel to the heavily desired NES Classic. The NES Mini (as it shall be referred to from here on) has been a product of much love but also controversy due to inexplicable rarity. As a fortunate owner of a NES Mini, I can safely say that the product is of great value. I never grew up with an NES and playing the games was informative and fun. However not all have aged particularly well and I seem to lack the patience for many of them. The SNES however is one of my favorite systems ever created; the games still stand strong to this day.

I have a wild prediction that due to the quality of SNES games, Nintendo won’t pack in 30 games like they did with the NES Mini; I’m assuming 15-20, but for the sake of this post we’ll go with 15. These 15 games would make the SNES Mini another home-run in my eyes.

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way first:

1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Twenty-six years later and innumerable amounts of people will claim A Link to the Past is the greatest action-adventure game ever made; if not, Zelda game at least. It’s weird for me to say this as Zelda is my favorite series ever made, but A Link to the Past never did it for me. Needless to say I understand it’s impact and it will undoubtedly be on the SNES Mini.

2. Super Mario World

My favorite Mario game and 2D platformer ever. Super Mario World is often rivaled against Super Mario Bros 3 as the best in the Mario franchise and sometimes best platformer ever. It’s a game jam-packed with fun, secrets and replay-value. Much like Zelda, this will definitely be present on the system.

3. Super Metroid

We haven’t had a Metroid game quite like Super in an excruciating amount of time. Playing Super for the first time a couple of years ago was mind-blowing. I was shocked how well this game held up and to this day it remains one of my favorites ever made. I can’t wait to replay this game when it releases on the SNES-Mini

4. Kirby Super Star

I know my statements may seem repetitive by this point but don’t take it as a lack of creativity; rather it should show just much of a home-run the SNES was for Nintendo and it’s core franchises in the 90’s. Kirby Super Star is an unorthodox Kirby game but still claimed one of the best by fans. It’s a compilation of Kirby-themed mini-games that can provide constant entertainment with two players. It received so much love that it got a remake on the DS. Super Star may be the game with the most to do on the SNES-Mini

…And now for the lesser obvious ones.

5. Final Fantasy III aka VI

The SNES era was really the beginning of the golden age for JRPG’s. You couldn’t turn you head in one direction without seeing some giant JRPG of some quality for years. Much like with the games I listed above, Final Fantasy VI (released originally under the title III) is not only most often considered the best Final Fantasy game, but commonly cited as the greatest JRPG ever made. It’s a powerful title to hold when you consider what the genre has to offer; hours upon hours of gameplay, tons of playable characters, deep stories, giant worlds and plenty of monsters to fight. It’d be criminal not to include this game on the SNES-Mini.

On a side note, I’d love to see more than just Final Fantasy VI on the SNES-Mini. Hopefuly IV and V can make it too. That trilogy of games justifies any price the SNES-Mini may ask.

6. Mega Man X

Quite possibly the most beloved “reboot/spiritual successor/sequel series” ever crafted; Mega Man X is just plain cool. Nobody can forget the heavy metal music, tough bosses and stimulating characters. Much like with Final Fantasy VI, this game is a give in

7. EarthBound

Image result for earthbound

What was once an incredibly overlooked and stupidly rare Nintendo JRPG is now a cultural phenomenon. Thanks to the Wii U Virtual Console, fans of Nintendo like me were able to play this often beloved gem. Unfortunately I don’t enjoy EarthBound, but I can see why people do. It has a unique charm and setting apparent at every visible second.

This is a bit of an odd one for me because I don’t know if Nintendo will throw it on the SNES-Mini. They’ve been kind of weird about EarthBound and the series is basically over. But hey, saving hundreds of dollars by not buying a copy off eBay would be pretty nice.

8/9/10. Donkey Kong Country Trilogy

Another beloved SNES series I don’t particularly care for; Donkey Kong Country is still a colossal name for Nintendo. The second entry in the series is often put into “Top 2D Platformer” lists, but aside from that all three games hold up well in fans eyes. It’s Rare in the glory days so there’s a bit of personality in those games gone from today’s products. I assume this would be the SNES-Mini equivalent to the NES-Mini having all three Super Mario Bros.

11. Super Castlevania IV

Castlevania was so close to being my favorite NES game ever made- but then it got inexcusably difficult. The longer game franchises go on, the easier they tend to get so they can appeal to everybody. I hear Super Castlevania IV is a tough game but still possible. It seems to be a callback to the first entry in the series and I’d love to play it.

I consider myself well-versed in the SNES world but Super Castlevania IV would be a pleasure to play for the first time.

12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time

I want to play this game with all my soul, but due to licensing issues it’s never been released on Virtual Console. Putting this game on the list would give SNES-Mini owners a refreshing experience aside from all the JRPG’s and platformers. I had a blast playing Double Dragon on my NES-Classic so more co-op beat-em-ups would be lovely. I also hear it’s one of the best in it’s genre, so i’d be nice to finally play.

13. F-Zero

I’ve never played an F-Zero game (maybe I’m not actually well versed in SNES games), but they look like a blast. A high energy, high speed racer with extraordinary tunes is a must need for the SNES-Mini, especially if it’s library is as small as I’m assuming.

14. Yoshi’s Island

For a while I debated which game I liked better, Super Mario World or it’s sequel Yoshi’s Island. I know now that even though I prefer Super Mario World, it’s sequel is one of the standout games on the SNES; it’s most likely in my top three games on the system. Coloring book aesthetic and a childlike aura make Yoshi’s Island a must include game for the SNES-Mini.

15. Chrono Trigger

Image result for Chrono Trigger

I always found Chrono Trigger to be….good. But the more times I try it, the more I like it. We can’t only have the Final Fantasy games on the SNES-Mini and Chrono Trigger usually butts heads with Final Fantasy VI as the best JRPG ever so it’s inclusion is absolutely quintessential.


I know my vocabulary and praises were limited in this article, but that’s what happens when you constantly speak of games of such high caliber.

I truly hope I’m wrong about the amount of games on the SNES-Mini, even five more at a solid twenty could give it so much more variety. Either way, I’ll be standing on line for it without a doubt.

So what do you guys think? Will the SNES-Mini have thirty games as well? Would these fifteen games make it worth it? Let me know down below and I’ll try to reply!


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