Gaming Question Sunday #4 – Best Video Game Book?

-by Dylan DiBona

Hey guys! Welcome back to Gaming Question Sunday. Basically I’m going to ask everybody a question in hopes of getting a good discussion going on in the comments. This will be fun and also make Sundays a bit easier for me so I can focus on writing better stuff for the work week. So anyway, the fourth question:

What books have appealed to you the most as video game fan?

I’d definitely have to go Ready Player One by Ernest Cline; it’s an exciting treasure hunting book that takes you through both physical and virtual reality. I highly recommend it even for non-readers who just like gaming. A movie is coming soon so there’s no better time to jump in wither.

I’m looking for any and all types of books related to gaming, it could be behind the scenes stuff or design books.


Let me know your answers down below and as always, thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Gaming Question Sunday #4 – Best Video Game Book?

  1. Very much agree with Ready Player One, I really enjoyed that. One that I would recommend that is loosely games related is Off to be the Wizard by Scott Mayer. It’s more closely related to The Matrix, but it’s good fun and gave me more than a couple of laughs. I also read a few Warcraft books when I was at university, I think it was the War of the Ancients trilogy, but I’m not certain on that.

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