Interesting Game News Roundup (4/24-4/29)

-by Dylan DiBona

Hey guys sorry for the wacky schedule this week, I just got over the flu and was behind on posts to upload. I know this Interesting Game News Roundup is a day late and I know I missed last week but things will be back to normal tomorrow!

2DS XL Announced/2018 3DS Support

Nintendo has decided to make another model in the 3DS family of systems, this time focusing on the 2DS. The 2DS XL has a more standard clam shell design that Nintendo fans are used to by now. Consumers can expect this new model on Jun 28th 2017.

Image result for 2ds xl

That isn’t the only news surrounding the 3DS though; Nintendo has confirmed support for it’s handheld into 2018. However, with the way 2017 is looking for 3DS there should be no reason to expect more than a handful of games unless they are announced at this years E3.

Megaman Legacy Collection 2 Leaked

A posting online has leaked the possible existence of a second Megaman Legacy Collection. This compilation of games would hold Megaman 7,8,9 and 10; thus completing the classic series.

Image result for mega man 3 art

Nintendo to Not Have E3 Press Conference

Once again Nintendo has opted out of having a big press conference at this years E3. It’s likely they will go the route of a much smaller Nintendo Direct like the last handful of years.

Shadow of War Details

The sequel to acclaimed Lord of the Rings game Shadow of Mordor has been announced as Shadow of War. The beloved Nemesis system will be expanded upon and there will be a heavier focus on role-playing aspects within gameplay. More details are expected at E3.

Persona 5 Streaming Rules Lightened

At first Atlus release some seemingly harsh rules for streaming Persona 5 past an in-game game of July. Atlus went on to say that streamers could face serious consequences if they didn’t listen. Luckily Atlus listening to the outcry and pushed back the in-game date to one in November, when the game begins it’s final act. Atlus also apologized for its comments for their threatening nature, stating that they didn’t intend to threaten anyone.


Well there you have it, the gaming news that interested me this week. What do you guys think? Any big news I missed? Let me know down below and I’ll try my best to reply!


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