Why it’s Fun to Play Trending Video Games

-by Dylan DiBona

I don’t like overuse of social media and I only use Twitter to keep up with my favorite online content creators. They usually post about their project, creativity beliefs and sometimes about the games they’re playing. I try not to succumb to the hottest trend because they’re just that- a trend; it’ll pass before we know it.

Four times come to mind where I bit my finger and decided to listen to what everybody was saying by purchasing a game hot on social media. They were Undertale, Stardew ValleyOwlboy Night in the Woods in that order. Today we’ll be talking about playing a video game alongside everybody else on the internet.

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For some strange reason ever since Undertale released and received perfect scores from plenty of reviewers, it was labeled a cult classic. That “cult” proved to be huge as everyday I went on YouTube there was somebody talking about Undertale. Finally I bought it and I was greeted with one of my favorite RPG’s ever.

Playing it with the internet felt special. Every meme made sense to me, every video intrigued me and every topic board on websites sparked thoughts within me. When famous YouTuber SmoothMcGroove uploaded an Undertale marathon of videos, I was beyond excited.

I’m usually a selfish person when it comes to entertainment; I like certain movies and games to feel like their “mine”. My experiences with games like Undertale and Stardew Valley were great because of the opposite. I remember going on reddit to ask if Stardew Valley was worth buying and I was met with plenty of nice comments from the loving fans of the game.

I’m not the most outgoing person in the world and I’m certainly not one to buy into fads. With gaming it’s a little different; it’s like everybody can come together a love a game as a whole.

I won’t do this with every game I play from now on; I felt Owlboy wasn’t my cup of tea despite the plentiful amount of fans declaring it’s greatness, same with Night in the Woods. If you’re a fan of indie games or especially PC gaming, try taking a risk by buying the hottest new game- you might just enter a new fandom willing to have great conversations.


Have you guys ever bought a video game because of it’s hot status? Let me know down below and I’ll try to reply! As always, thanks for reading


3 thoughts on “Why it’s Fun to Play Trending Video Games

  1. I completely agree with you that it’s more fun to play games when it feels like the world is playing with you! I think that just as much as wanting to play new, hot games are the reasons why I make those purchases. At the same time, I don’t get a game just because it’s hot, but rather I get the new games I already want. And if it’s popular, which chances are it is, then I can enjoy conversing with others. I get so much out of playing with the community and understanding what others are saying.

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  2. I myself ended up getting Undertale because people were making a big deal out of it. Indeed, what really caught my attention was when it was declared the greatest game of all time on GameFAQs. There were a few instances by then where I felt a game was overhyped (i.e. The Stanley Parable), so I was a bit wary going into it. The twist is that it ended up absolutely living up to the hype. The internet needs to heavily promote masterpieces more often; it’s honestly not that hard.

    Otherwise, I find hype barely factors into my opinion. A game can be hyped like crazy, but I reserve my judgement until I play and finish it for myself.

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  3. I can definitely see why it’s more fun discovering the game with the internet. I had this happen to me (as a lot of people did, obviously) with Breath of the Wild. But, there’s also the double-edged sword where if you follow the hype around it, everyone else inevitably discovers things before you and makes you more prone to burn-out when you’re not playing at your own speed. This is a problem for me.

    I’m one of those gamers who waits five years after a game comes out to get it for $10 and play it at my own pace, normally. But feeling like you’re playing a game with millions of people is a really cool feeling that has it’s own set of rewards 🙂

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