My New Review Scale

-by Dylan DiBona

Hey friends, I just wanted to take today to discuss a pretty big update to PlayingWithThoughts. If you look at the About section of my blog, you’ll see that I’m aiming to steer gaming journalism into a new territory. Part of this in my eyes is avoiding the traditional review scale of 0-10.

In my mind I typically do give a game or any entertainment a numerical score, but that’s because it’s easy. I want my articles and my reviews to be about the words themselves. However, I understand a readers desire for a review scale, it helps them see a categorically determined stamp of quality. So I’m going to be officially establishing (I’ve only been demoing this idea recently) a new review scale which should satisfy you and I both. I will let the words do the talking, in order from worst to best:

Miserable (0) – A true waste of time and energy. Not even laughably bad. So terrible you may cry.

Agonizing – Garbage. No redeeming aspects whatsoever.

Horrid – Definitively bad. The design of this game is painful to experience.

Nonsensical – The type of game that’s so poorly made you may want to pick it up when it’s on sale so you and your friends can have something to laugh at.

Shoddy – Nothing special. You can start to see where the developers made a few mistakes.

Meh – Misguided enough to the point where it was almost a good game. Perhaps some post-launch updates could make it better.

Decent – Not so bad! A game definitely worth getting on sale though.

Fine – Some genuinely good design is here and is worth noting. Certainly not perfect.

Appreciable – A good game worth getting at full price. The developers knew what they were doing.

Astounding – A game everybody should try out at least once, despite your tastes. It’s so great it deserves to be remembered for years to come.

Masterful (10) – The closest a man made product can come to perfection. A game that provides everything it should and more. Defines a genre and even a generation.

So at the end of my reviews you’ll see a single sentence like this:

Pac-Man is an appreciable game.

These words will serve as my final grade.


So there you have it, I hope this scale makes my reviews more understandable! Is this something you guys would enjoy? Let me know down below and I’ll try my best to reply!


2 thoughts on “My New Review Scale

  1. I think it’s a great idea to use words. Though I do wonder if it might be a bit confusing to have this be in a rank order with words like horrid and agonizing since they’re very similar. Also, nonsensical is an interesting choice.

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