Interesting Game News Roundup (5/8-5/12)

-by Dylan DiBona

343 Says Goodbye to Halo Director

Dan Ayoub from 343 Industries has officially left the company. Ayoub has been working on Halo games since 2009’s Halo Reach and has stated that he would be leaving 343 “to pursue a passion for education through technology”. The company has already said it’s sweet farewells to Dan Ayoub. How this effects Halo Wars 2 DLC, or the future of Halo, nobody knows.

Rime on Nintendo Switch Gets Pre-Release Price Cut

Image result for rime

The upcoming action-adventure game Rime on the Nintendo Switch was originally going to cost more than the standard $29.99, the same as the other console releases would be. The company stated that this bigger price was due to the extra development needed for the Switch.

Thanks to the outcry of anger from gamers, Tequila Works’ will release Rime on Switch for $29.99.

Overwatch 1 Year Anniversary Event

The internet is spinning with rumors of a new Overwatch event themed after the games one year anniversary. A Game of the Year edition is also thought to be happening soon. Overwatch being Blizzard’s new IP, these events will surely go noticed.

Hitman Dev Being Sold by Square Enix

Square Enix has officially put up IO Interactive for sale after a $42 million loss this past fiscal year. IO had intentions of releasing new seasons for its current Hitman game, but now that seems all but possible.


I know it’s not too much this week but this is the calm before the E3 storm! Get excited guys! Let me know what you think about this news down below and I’ll try m best to reply. As always, thanks for reading.


One thought on “Interesting Game News Roundup (5/8-5/12)

  1. I think the RIME thing is bigger news, really. The reason everything is back in balance with the world is because they’re adding bonus content to the physical copy, something I hope starts a chain reaction of other publishers doing the same. The eShop-only content is bumming me out big time, games I’d love to play but will only buy physical can publish physical but with added content.

    Everybody wins! Hoping it sets a trend.

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