Gaming Question Sunday #8: Reviving a Franchise

-by Dylan DiBona

Hey guys! Welcome back to Gaming Question Sunday. Basically I’m going to ask everybody a question in hopes of getting a good discussion going on in the comments. This will be fun and also make Sundays a bit easier for me so I can focus on writing better stuff for the work week. So anyway, time for the eighth question:

What franchise that hasn’t seen a release in at least ten years would you like to bring back?

It may be cheating since it technically wasn’t a franchise, but I’d go Beyond Good & Evil because of its obvious intent on being a series. The original game was one of the best action-adventure games I’ve enjoyed and simply put, I want more.


So how about you guys? Leave your answers down below and I’ll try my best to reply! As always, thanks for reading this week.


3 thoughts on “Gaming Question Sunday #8: Reviving a Franchise

  1. That’s kind of tricky becuase I’m not big on franchises coming back after extended absences. I wouldn’t mind Baldur’s Gate getting a reboot because the graphis really haven’t gone well with time.
    Actually, I don’t know when the last installment was but I wouldn’t mind King’s Quest coming back. I used to love those games as a kid.

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    • I think Pillars of Eternity tried to do what Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale did. I’ve heard very good things, just lost interest in the genre personally so I haven’t played it.

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