Emily is Away Review [PC]

-by Dylan DiBona

I have a more than a few games I’ll be trying to cram into this three day weekend and one of them is Emily is Away Too, a sequel to the free to play indie game Emily is Away. The sequel drops today and in celebration I thought I’d quickly go over the short and memorable original game.

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Emily is away is mostly enjoyable because of its simplicity. In it you play a high school graduate boy who is moving away for college. One of your best friends is a girl named Emily who is the same age as you and also moving away. You navigate through a late 1990’s/ early 2000’s AOL chat-room while talking to Emily, trying to progress through a slightly emotional story.

If you’re an older player, the idea may seem novel and cute for nostalgic purposes, but the truth is this game will more than likely hook you in emotionally. The game allows you to pick your real name, screen-name and profile picture for the in-game chat-room. Whenever Emily said a sentence with the name “Dylan” in it, it stuck a chord within me.

I have friends who I’ve met through gaming websites, people who I’ve never seen in real life, I bet most gamers do. Emily is Away takes advantage of this concept and really runs home with it.

The gameplay is cute and simply, mindlessly typing buttons on your keyboard while an in-game message appears, and clicking on whatever you can find. There’s no music, but it really fits the overall presentation. To put it simply, Emily is Away is an absolutely solid thirty minute experience. I implore you to download this game for free and get a fun half-hour out of it. You’ll leave with a broken heart and a smile.


Another short post today because of work guys, sorry! But honestly, you need to play this game! It should hit home with almost everybody, and with the sequel being released today, why not jump on the hype! Anybody already play this game? Let me know your thoughts below and I’ll do my best to reply. As always, thanks for reading.


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