Five Things Sony Must Do At E3

-by Dylan DiBona

Unlike Microsoft, Sony puts up tough competition for being my second favorite video game company. With that being said, it’s a little tougher trying to decide the five best moves for the Sony at this E3. Not only are they dominating this generation of gaming, but I have to stay as objective as possible and not put entries based on my personal desires. So what can keep Sony on the top?

1. Keep the Exclusives and the News Coming

Sony has a lot of promising exclusive titles coming up and it’s important to not only keep them coming, but to give the fans updates on how progress is on development. They should let everybody know how Naughty Dog is handling The Last of Us II, if Spider-Man is even close to releasing, etc.

Image result for spiderman ps4

There’s already been so many, and maybe it’s the glutton within me speaking but it never hurts to have more. Give us a few more games to be excited about in these final two or three years of this generation.

2. Spyro HD Trilogy Announcement

Nostalgia sells, a lot. Despite my personal weariness of remasters and remakes, I’m excited for the Crash N Sane Trilogy and I think if Sony wants to fully jump on the PlayStation 1 loving hype, they need to give the same treatment to Spyro. Spyro and Crah are like peanut butter and jelly,  except they should never meet up (remember that dumb GBA crossover?).

Image result for spyro

Although both series have had games on other companies systems, they’re both correlated with Sony the most. No mascot should be brought down to being just one in a million Skylanders toys. Look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake reaction, bringing back old-school gaming is working beautifully for companies.

3. Announce a New IP

This is the same entry I put on my Microsoft list and not because I think Sony is lacking in the IP department, I just like seeing new ideas! I like knowing that Sony isn’t okay with what they have and that they want to keep things fresh and exciting.

4. Don’t Announce New Hardware

Probably my only complaint with Sony is their love of making new hardware. The PS4, PS4 Pro, Vita, VR- Sony relax. Not only is it tiring, it’s insulting to dedicated fans when newer versions of the same system keep being released. You’re already killing it with the console market, put your focus on hardware towards software.

5. PS1/PS3 Games on PlayStation Store

The only major slip up of the PlayStation 4 is the lack of backwards compatibility. I want to play games like Ni No Kuni or the Shadow of the Colossus HD remake but I can’t. It may be unrealistic to have the PS4 emulate an PS3, so at least give us PS1 games like you did last generation; I don’t want to spend thirty dollars each on every JRPG exclusive to the original PlayStation.

As far as I’m concerned, Sony already won and all they have to do is keep the games coming and work on a few small nitpicks of their current systems. So, are they any die-hard Sony fans here? What do you think they should do to win this years E3? Let me know down below and I’ll try my best to reply, as always, thanks for reading.


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