Five Things Nintendo Must Do At E3

-by Dylan DiBona

Being my favorite company of all time, I love to see Nintendo succeed. Unfortunately, yet again they’ve opted out on having a big press conference and will announce their new projects on a Nintendo Direct. Don’t worry, I’m not going to praise the company endlessly, I can easily call them out on the stupid things they do. They seemed to have fixed their failure of the Wii U with the Switch, so how can Nintendo continue to fix themselves while serving the fans?

1. More Evidence of Third Party Games

Ever since the Nintendo 64 era, Nintendo hasn’t been on the best of terms with third party gaming companies; that’s why the Switches launch line-up was such a big deal. Don’t make it a one time thing though, show us proof of dedication from the third parties; what’s Sega working on, how about Capcom or even Bethesda? Make the Switch feel less like just a Nintendo system and more like a gaming system.

2. Super Smash Bros 4. Deluxe

I think part of the reason a Mario Kart 9 wasn’t made is because 8 was such a fantastic entry in the series that all it needed was some new content and boom- you get an amazing game once again. Smash Bros 4 is pretty much the perfect Smash game, don’t change the physics or anything; just give us more maps, more characters and trophies to collect. It may not garner too much hype at first but it will surely draw in people like me and my friends.

3. Bring Back Obscure IPs

Unlike the past two companies, Nintendo is constantly thinking of new series to join the already gigantic family. We have ARMS coming and Splatoon 2 pretty soon, so what should Nintendo do with their series?

Image result for F-zero

Bring back the series that have sadly fallen into irrelevancy. People have been clamoring for a new F-Zero, Metroid, Golden Sun, Kid Icarus, Mother, Advance Wars and so on. The list of dead Nintendo IPs might actually be able to match the list of current Nintendo IPs. With the Switch bridging the gap between console and handheld, something like Advance Wars and Golden Sun could work perfectly. Zelda and Mario will always be the best selling, but Nintendo is ignoring hundreds of thousands of fans per series they ignore, why?

This may just be the biggest and best move Nintendo could make

4. Talk about Breath of the Wild DLC

I can’t remember the last time a single video game became such a cultural hit like Breath of the Wild. YouTube videos are still being posted daily on the game, fans and critics applauded almost everything about it, and it really is all that good. Nintendo announced two DLC packs before the game dropped and one of them is due pretty soon.

Image result for breath of the wild dlc

The more interesting DLC Pack (2) doesn’t drop until holiday season. It’d be nice to get some news on what’s being added to arguably 2017’s Game of the Year. Fans adore the story so a little tease of what’s happening to Hyrule would undeniably hype people up.

5. Of Course, Show us the New Nintendo Games

It’s an easy one but hey, it works every time! There’s a new Fire Emblem coming out and also Fire Emblem Warriors (a sequel to the successful Hyrule Warriors). It’d be nice to get some news on those games and maybe something about a new Animal Crossing or Pikmin.

More specifically I’d love to see Nintendo back up their repeated claim of 3DS support lasting into 2018. I want to see Detective Pikachu again, I’m praying the remake of Radiant Historia makes it to the west and I want to see if anything else has yet to be announced officially. Supposedly a Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga remake was leaked, it’d be great to see something on that.

Any die-hard Nintendo fans here? What do you think they should do to really make the Switch their next big success? Let me know down below and I’ll try my best to reply. As always, thanks for reading.


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