Five Best Gaming Communities

-by Dylan DiBona

In an online world where most gamers are represented by people of lesser morals who are vocal on social media, it’s hard to forget the people who are truly kind and loving. Sometimes a game or series can bring people together like a family so they can enjoy something together, and that’s beautiful.

Before anybody may berate my list, I want to list a couple of things:

  • I am not a PC gamer.
  • I don’t play too many online games.
  • These games/communities I list, I have come into contact with or am a part of them. For example, I hear the Kerbal Space Program community is great, but I simply wouldn’t know because I don’t play the game.

Thank you so much for one hundred followers and voting for this article. I hope you enjoy!

5. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Weren’t expecting this, right? Every now and then a game will pop up on Steam and soon every YouTuber is making videos on it. Five Nights at Freddy’s was that game a few years back and all over summer vacation people were making videos and starting threads trying to uncover the sick mysteries of Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria.


When the second game was suddenly dropped on Steam by creator Scott Cawthon, the internet exploded over the games many gameplay differences and expanded plotline. It went on like this for about another year as Scott released a new game every few months. One of my favorite YouTubers, Markiplier, always jumped on these games immediately and it was a joy to watch him play and see everybody trying to decipher the story. 2014 was truly a special time to be a FNaF fan.

4. Super Smash Brothers

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the people who still fixate on Melee, I’m talking about the entire spectrum of the Smash series and community. I’ve been to two tournaments, even hosted one and I have to say, nothing brings a couple of guys and gals together like Super Smash Brothers.

Image result for super smash brothers

There’s something about choosing your favorite characters from your childhood video game series, or even trying to represent an outsider series like Street Fighter, in an all-out fighting match. What’s so cool about Smash is that there aren’t really any combos you have to memorize, you make your own combos; people share these combos online along with tips for every character. It’s also interesting to see how every player has their own unique way of playing Smash. For instance, at one of the tournaments I attended, I saw a man playing Sonic (not a very loved character) with a horizontal wiimote (not a very loved way of playing), and he did great! Every time he did a specific combo, he would snap his fingers, which was odd but I love seeing everybody’s quirks for specific characters.

I do think they take the whole competitive aspect too seriously, but the Smash Brothers community is a really great family to be a part of.

3. Early Minecraft

There’s really only two groups of people who still play Minecraft regularly, the stereotypical obnoxious children, and the truly dedicated players. Before Minecraft had all these crazy rules and mechanics, it was a simple game about exploring and building. Little things were discoveries like making a fishing rod and reeling in that first catch.

Image result for minecraft

It was a game like none other because nothing was explained, you’re just dropped in a field with nothing and have to literally build yourself a solid foundation. Questions flooded the internet, and the bravest and most curious souls had the answers. Imagine being one of the first people to discover The Nether, and being able to share your discoveries. I’m talking back before the days of hunger bars and enhancements, that’s the Minecraft I love.

2. Pokémon

Can you even deny the hype that emerges every time a new entry in the Pokémon series is announced? I think I can safely say that in the modern era, Pokémon is one of the most nostalgic video game series ever. Because they’re usually spaced out every two or three years, even adults may say “Hey, a new Pokémon game” and pick it up. I went to a midnight launch for X and Y, and not only was the line diverse, they were all kind.

Sure some of them take things too seriously like when they call certain monster designs “pure trash”, but you get that with every community. I love that Pokémon can be enjoyed by guys like me who just want to play the story and catch a bunch of creatures, but also by competitive people who breed for IV’s and shiny Pokémon.

I think it really says something when something that was a part of so many peoples childhoods is actively kept active in their adult lives. I’ve met kids in high school who were nice and spoke fondly of the series, and online I see helpful posts everywhere. It’s a nice community to be an active member in and I hope to do a better job at that soon.

1. Stardew Valley

If you wanna talk about sweet and kind gamers, don’t look anywhere else but Stardew Valley fans. Stardew Valley is all about going to the country, relaxing and all things zen. With that theme, and the ability to be any skin color (even pink, blue and green), and marrying both genders, the game speaks of openness and love. And the fans take that wholeheartedly.

Image result for stardew valley

The first time I heard about Stardew Valley was in a news story about people pirating the game. Supposedly these people loved the game so much, they felt bad for stealing and decided to buy it. People on Reddit were even buying extra copies of the game and giving them to people who couldn’t afford it at the time. Where else do you hear about this type of thing? For weeks I read up on helpful threads and posts about how to better my farm and romance certain ladies. I love Stardew Valley and its community.

I know its not a very traditional list, but as primarily console gamer, these are the best communities I’ve been a part of! Let me know your favorite communities down below and I’ll try my best to reply! As always, thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Five Best Gaming Communities

  1. Great post! As someone who is a small part of the Pokemon community, I think that it gets flack sometimes for being too competitive and elitist. But there are a lot of genuine fans who are just working together to make discoveries and help each other out, which is why I like the community a lot.

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