-by Dylan DiBona

Hope everybody is having a great Sunday! I’m at a bit of a crossroad and I need your guys’ input. I’ve hit my first set of goals here on my site:

1,000 Blog Views


500 Unique Visitors

I promised myself that once I hit and then top those goals, I would buy an official domain name and rid myself of the “” in my URL. My problem is PlayingWithThoughts is taken!

It’s a very annoying situation because I love the name for so many reasons; I always felt like the name could be explained in multiple ways. I’m playing video games thoughtfully, then in turn I play with those thoughts and try and arrange them in written form. But because I cannot use that domain, it’s time to look elsewhere. So here are some ideas I have written on paper (I want the main theme to stay the same):

  1. PlayingWithThought (No S at the end is okay!)
  2. InteractingThoughts
  3. TheThoughtButton

Can you see the trend? I’m pretty sure I know which one I want to go with, but I always value you, my friends, opinions. Vote with 1, 2 or 3 and then I’ll decide soon enough. It’s a sad idea that PlayingWithThoughtwon’t quite exist anymore.

Thanks guys for your input and your time! The new domain might be coming in the next week! As always, thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “READER VOTE: New Name

    • You can have hyphens and extra periods in domains, but it makes it a huge pain to verbally tell someone about it (“playing with thoughts dot com, but with hyphens between each word..”) so generally it’s a good idea to stay away from that.

      I ran a forum at for like 9 years and it drove me crazy how often I had to explain the spelling! Avoid hyphens at all costs :O

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