Sony E3 Press Conference Review [E3]

-by Dylan DiBona

Sony’s press conference might just be the only one I review during E3 2017 for a multitude of reasons:

  1. It’s honestly the one I’m most excited for (I think a lot of people agree).
  2. It’s one of the few conferences I’m fortunate to catch live.
  3. The PlayStation 4 is and will be my preferred console for the next couple years.

Now with that out of the way, it’s time to discuss the big announcements, the aftershock from them, and any hopes I had that were unfulfilled. E3, the best time to be a lover of video games!

Let’s get the “bad” out of the way…

Skyrim Again?!

Okay so I respect Sony’s desire to fill up the PSVR with great games. The new hardware is supposed to immerse gamers into experiences never seen before…so why are we going back to Skyrim for the umpteenth time? I won’t lie, the idea is interesting enough, and it might even make the combat better! But right next to Final Fantasy VII, I can’t think of another single game being milked so hard.

And then the “eh”…

Uncharted 4/Horizon DLC

Starting off a press conference with trailers of DLC for already released games wasn’t the strongest way for Sony to go out this year. Granted I am excited for the Uncharted DLC, and Horizon looked interesting, but E3 is all about the new and yet to come, so it was fun to get some information on what’s coming to some already great games, but it didn’t start us off with the bang I had hoped.

Final Fantasy XV…Fishing?

Did you like the giant worlds and epic fantasy story of Final Fantasy XV? Then surely you wanted a PSVR game completely dedicated to the fishing that was totally irrelevant in that game!

A seriously bizarre idea, and I can’t help but see this game being joked about by YouTube gaming comedians in a few years. A weird fever dream come true.

Why are these VR?

My next entry explains that I’m happy the PSVR is getting some exclusive games, but some of them seem really odd. There’s a 2D Platformer, and a Puzzle-Adventure game, both with 3rd person camera perspectives.

Couldn’t those two games easily be on PS4 with touchpad control?

Ending on Spider-Man

While Spider-Man is tied for my favorite superhero, nobody is going to claim this game as one of the best ever for a Sony system, nonetheless PS4. Was this really the last thing we should’ve seen this year? It was an interesting trailer at least.

And of course the “good”!

PSVR Showcase

Unless I win one in a contest, I’ll never own a PSVR, I see no need and have no desire. I was actually afraid for early adopters that it would be another ditched peripheral device, but I’m being proved wrong! It’s a full fledged console with its own games.

Sony showed off a handful of interesting looking titles, and one silly looking Skyrim rehash.

Shadow of the Colossus “HDer”

Okay so this should really be in the “eh” section, but this is my review and I love me some Shadow of the Colossus!

The very brief trailer Sony showed presented us with some stunning graphics, and scary realistic looking colossi! I cannot wait to platinum this game and experience this gm one again.

God of War/Spider-Man Release Window

I don’t really care about God of War, but I might get this entry for the sake of it seeming like a new entry point. Plus the story seems cool. I realize this is a HUGE game for Sony, so props for them for giving us a trailer and release window.

Although I’m disappointed at a lack of a specific release date, seeing that extended Spider-Man trailer was great fun for a hardcore Spidey fan like myself.


Ehhhh. Sony didn’t really answer any of my biggest prayers this year. No new Team Ico game, no news on the Persona 5 spin-offs, no Dragon Quest XI news, and no PS1/PS3 games on PS4.

I’m disappointed that Sony really relied on last years lineup to keep their momentum strong, because it worked decently well, but not as well as I had hoped.

Sony had a meh conference at E3 2017.

What did you think of Sony’s conference this year? Who is winning E3 in your eyes? Let me know down below and I’ll try my best to reply! As always, thanks for reading.

Confused on my review score? Click here for an explanation!


7 thoughts on “Sony E3 Press Conference Review [E3]

  1. I’ve been wanting to play Shadow of the Colossus for years but never got around to it. Hopefully it comes to PC at some point! Aside from that, I was stoked that they mentioned the Vita.. once! The Undertale Collector’s Edition for Vita will grace my shelf soon enough! 😀

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