Announcement: JRPG JULY

-by Dylan DiBona

One video game genre I’ve always wanted to like but haven’t until a few months ago is the JRPG. After doing some research and playing some amazing games, JRPGs are quickly becoming one of my favorite video game genres for their lengthy playtimes, strategic combat, detailed stories, worlds and characters. I’ve decided a good way to continue my venture into the genre and play even more great games is to dedicate this month to them on my blog.

Summer evokes a gaming related nostalgia in me. Every night (sometimes day) my friends and I would gather on Xbox Live or have a sleepover to play games together. Now that summer is back I want to be busy during daylight, outside having a great time, but inside playing games late at night.

So I bring you JRPG JULY (the all caps  reminds me of when I see weird anime names online or on Netflix). So every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will bring you one JRPG-related article. It can be a review, a top 5 (or 10), topic piece or whatever. 

Don’t like JRPGs? Don’t worry; Tuesday and Thursday  will still have normal posts that can pertain to anything.

I hope you guys really enjoy this theme with me, maybe read my posts on a nice summer night. This is a passion project, I want people who love JRPGs to join me in the comments for lengthy discussions. I also want people who don’t like JRPGs to maybe give them a try, because once you find a game in the genre you like- it’s simply addicting.

Get ready my friends, for JRPG JULY.

So guys, are any of you excited? What topics would you love to see me cover? I hope I satisfy not only JRPG fans but video game fans. Have a great summer. As always, thanks for reading.


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