Monument Valley: The Shock of Quality

-by Dylan DiBona

Years ago my friend told me that he quite enjoyed the mobile game Monument Valley. I played a level or two and thought it was okay. Fast-forward to the present day and Monument Valley 2 has just been released. Since I’m often left with only one hand free on the subway to work, I decided to pick up the first game again to see what all the rave reviews for both it, and now its sequel were all about. I can safely say one thing about Monument Valley:

So what?

Mobile gaming has never really been my jam, but I recognize a good game when I see one. Steven Universe: Attack the Light was a great Paper Mario-esque RPG on phones. I’ve also enjoyed Chameleon Run, Pokémon Go and Pocket Morty’s. Then there are the classics like 8-Ball Pool and Words With Friends. Those are all games that last hours upon hours, can connect you with friends and people around the world or have replay value. I don’t want to offend anybody at Ustwo Games, because Monument Valley is a very aesthetically pleasing game. I just couldn’t figure out why it was considered one of the App Stores finest, all you do is tap the screen to move your player-character and interact with environments. Then I considered one thing; quality shock.

Image result for monument valley game

You see, all those games I listed before are fun, but they’re either very simple in their gameplay or not the type of games to stick with you for very long. The App Store is a barren wasteland prone to ports of older games and terrible pay-to-win scams. Whenever a game comes along that’s made with phones in mind and only asks for one price up front, it’s almost always praised Obviously the content itself has to be of a certain quality, and Monument Valley both looks and sounds great. The levels play tricks with your eyes and clearly took a strong level of creativity. My main issue with the app is how it is as a game, I don’t believe it to be strong in that category.

Imagine if Monument Valley landed on the PS Store? Do you think it would have made as big of a splash? I’m hesitant to say yes. Maybe the gameplay just wasn’t my cup of tea, but I feel Monument Valley is missing something in its interactivity. Perhaps it is a very clear case of “in the right place at the right time”.

If you’ve played Monument Valley, what do you think of my hypothesis? Let me know down below and I’ll try my best to reply. As always, thanks for reading.


One thought on “Monument Valley: The Shock of Quality

  1. It was perfectly tuned for a small mobile screen, and like you said, amongst a sea of garbage F2P apps, right at the point where they took over.

    I experienced the same thing with Alto’s Adventure! Great arcade-style snowboarding game with terrific artwork. Sort of similar to Monument Valley. Both terrific games!

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