Community Blog: When Has Gaming Helped You In Life?

-by Dylan DiBona

Welcome my readers and friends to my very first collaboration since I started PlayingWithThoughts. Athena from ambigamingcorner and I are working together on a compilation of stories where video games helped us deal with a hard time or issue in our lives. But the thing is, this isn’t just a collaboration between the two of us.

We need you as well.

Don’t worry, every story will be labeled anonymous in the final project to promote honesty within our compilation.

All we ask is that your stories answer these questions and follow these guidelines:

  1. Has gaming ever helped you deal with a difficult time or prevailing issue in your life?
  2. Was it a specific game? If so, which game?
  3. If you answered “Yes” to #2, what do you think pulled you in so much? Was it the story, characters, music, gameplay, or perhaps a mix of everything?
  4. If there are any other details that make this story more important to you, don’t be afraid to share, like we said it’s anonymous.

If you want to participate, send your stories to either me at or Athena at

All responses need to be in by July 13th as the final project will be posted on the 20th.

Does anybody have extra comments or concerns? Voice them below and I will answer accordingly! As always, thanks for reading.

Note: JRPG JULY will resume next Monday, I screwed up and this article was supposed to be posted yesterday. Sorry for the delay! If you’ve missed the first post on Dragon Quest IV, or the second post on Persona, just click those links!


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