Dragon Quest II and III Thoughts

-by Dylan DiBona

I’ve been playing games since I could first say “I want that” (“that” being a PlayStation 2). It’s not an easy task to become one of my favorite franchises, but that’s exactly what Yuji Hori’s Dragon Quest did. While the series may not change too much between games, it’s the sense of tradition and reliance that makes the franchise feel so quality tight. Lately I’ve been playing one infamous and one famous game in the series. Because I have some specific plans in August (more on that soon), I probably won’t be beating these games anytime soon, but as a somewhat knowledgeable fan I have some opinions I want to get out.


Like most NES sequels, Dragon Quest II is a bit of a black sheep. But can you blame the poor game? The series didn’t have its famous tradition yet!

Unfortunately due to an inexperienced team and time constraints, Dragon Quest II is infamously difficult in the latter half because of a lack of balancing from the developers.

I picked it up on iOS today despite all the claims of difficulty and lack of knowledge on where to go; I told myself I wouldn’t get lost! And wouldn’t you know, I was lost within the first hour. The encounter rates are a little high, but everything else is pure Dragon Quest. Like I said before, it may take me a while but I will beat it someday!


Only three games in the series compete for the title of “best”; DQ III, DQ V and DQ VIII.

My adoration of V was so strong I consider it one of two perfect video game. For my birthday I decided to treat myself to a long sought Game Boy Color and a copy of DQIII since I’ve heard great things about the handheld version.

The music is fantastic, story is interesting and I love the idea of custom party members like in Final Fantasy I. Unfortunately the hardware I’m playing in is halting my adoration; man I want a backlight! A great game, I will certainly beat it soon. 

If you’re wondering which one is better so far, III hands down.

Sorry for the short post today guys! Work has got me busy!


One thought on “Dragon Quest II and III Thoughts

  1. That’s pretty cool that you bought a Game Boy Color to play on 🙂 For my original Game Boy as well as my Game Boy Color, I had light accessories that I would attach to them to play. If all else failed, I would just sit underneath a lamp and play!


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