No Video Games For August (Month of Less)

– Dylan DiBona

Playing video games has been a part of most of my existence. Since I first had full control over my motor skills, I wanted to play games and I usually have almost every day since then. Around the age of 14 I took about two weeks off from videos games because for some reason I cared that my image was the “kid who always plays games”. Now I don’t care, I embrace it.

Now I’m not blaming video games or anything, but I have some other things I need to accomplish. I want to see how my life would be if I “switched” passions and pursuits. Instead of gaming maybe an hour or two every day and more on my weekends, switch to reading, writing and exercise. For the month of August 2017 I will go without gaming and try to hit the following goals:

1. Hit 185 pounds and gain a more muscular appearance.

2. Read two books.

3. Finish writing and editing my own book.

If I can accomplish these three things then the future will be a brighter one. I will post  updates to inform and encourage.

Don’t worry, there will still be blogs.

Wish me luck guys!


4 thoughts on “No Video Games For August (Month of Less)

  1. This is great! I started lifting years ago and it made me not want to sit around and play games all the time. I feel healthier, look like a hundred times better, whole body feels 18 even though I’m almost 30. I can’t even game for long periods of time anymore, nor can I game while it’s daylight. Like I always want to be active. Changed my entire life.

    Also, think of it this way: being in shape gives you more energy, energy that can be spent blogging and enjoying more hobbies, like gaming 🙂 But also other activities. There seems to be a weird vibe with gaming that it needs to be your “only” thing. I see a lot of people describing boredom with video games, trying desperately to “reignite” the spark, as if there’s nothing else out there for them.

    Adding fitness to your life is one massive step that can change your whole perspective and outlook. Enjoy!

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