Rewarding JRPGs/Video Games

-by Dylan DiBona

Leveling up, buying new gear and using new spells; it’s been done a million times, why are people like me in love with such an obvious cycle?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m addicted to the sense of progression. Whether it’s turning each page in a book, writing another line in a blog or personal project or even gaining another level in a JRPG, the constant sensation of moving forward is enough motivation for me to see something to the end.

When I played Dragon Quest I, it was a unique experience for having solo fights and no party members. I distinctly remember a monster called Green Dragon. The Green Dragon destroyed me every time I encountered him. After about three or four levels and some new gear, the Green Dragon was easily wiped away. How can there be a better feeling in video games? It’s like finally sliding down that flagpole at the end of a tough Mario level. 

Sometimes JRPGs like any genre can be obnoxiously difficult and require an unfair amount of grinding. When it’s clear that developers didn’t balance their game, it usually deters me from wanting to finish their game. If they didn’t care enough to balance their game, why should I care enough to play it? 

Perhaps this all boils down to the obvious idea that an artist should care about their art, but have you guys ever played an unrewarding video game? One where even the solutions don’t seem to make much sense? Let me know down below and I’ll try my best to reply. I apologize for the short post today, but JRPG July will end with a bang!


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