Obesity: A Dark Side of Gaming [2/2]

-by Dylan DiBona

So there I was in my new dorm, my new “home” with three kids I never knew. I made the stupid mistake of not going to the first party of the college year, which snowballed into me not making any true friends. Mind you, this was all after high school, a time where I also did not make any new friends. I was clinging onto my elementary school buddies, but now I was able to see them even less.

I was grossly overweight and like I said last time, I had braces on my teeth that would still last me a few more months. Self-confidence didn’t exist within me and after going to an all boy high school for four years, girls were an enigma. To make matters even worse, I fell absolutely head over heels for the girl who lived in the dorm directly next to me. We had a few classes together, she was kind enough to not treat me like a loser because of my weight or obvious shyness, and she had outstanding eyes. Every thing I’m telling you culminated into one of the worst periods of my life.

lived inside that dorm for the vast majority of my day. I would sleep nine to eleven hours, skip classes if I didn’t feel like going, and wouldn’t get food until my stomach absolutely screamed for it. I was terrified that my crush would see my fat braced face, so I stood in and played video games. My hair grew, my skin went pale, despite my plentiful sleep I had dark bags under my eyes, and I was beginning to lose weight because I was eating far less. I reminded myself of L from Death Note.

Image result for l death note

I did the opposite of what I should’ve done. I should’ve tried my best to socialize, but I didn’t. At nights I was so distressed that I would go for walks, far away from campus so nobody could see me and it gave me time to think.

One day when I visited my hometown on a certain weekend, somebody said “Dylan, you lost some weight.” Before I knew it multiple people were saying that. The pain and horrible decisions I made jump-started a small weight loss. I thought to myself “why stop?”

Those late night walks became runs, my one meal per day wasn’t a cheeseburger, but instead a chicken wrap with water (I always drank solely water). I also began eating more meals albeit smaller ones. I bought a 25 pound weight (too heavy to start with) and began working out my biceps while watching Dexter’s Lab on Hulu.

With the smallest amount of effort I said goodbye to the 300’s of weight. I wasn’t happy yet so I kept going. Even though I got my braces off, lost some weight and bought some fancy new clothes; I still never garnered the courage to admit my feelings for the girl quite literally next door. It’s one of my biggest regrets to this day, and when I packed up my bags to leave college forever I knew I’d never see her again.

I dropped out which was officially called a “leave of absence” (a decision I actually don’t regret). I kept up the healthy eating and pleaded with my father not to buy crazy snacks when he went grocery shopping. Fast forward to today while occasionally exercising alongside healthy eating and I currently weight 196 pounds. I haven’t touched the “one hundred” realm of weight since I was about 11. It’s an ongoing battle, one I’ve been failing lately by eating unhealthily. But I have a new found sense of dedication and hope to one day look half as good as Little Mac.

So what’s the point of this article? For me to brag? For me to relish in my previous sadness? Absolutely not. I want to tell everybody reading this that yes video games are the best form of entertainment out there, but don’t let them take priority over your health. Gaming fluctuated between a coping mechanism and the actual problem.

Sure the virtual worlds we explore are cooler than boring old Earth, but that doesn’t mean that our world isn’t beautiful too. Life is beautiful so go out there and explore, have fun. Don’t be like me and let a ball of bad feelings and self-hatred start your weight loss, start it because you want to!

As always, thanks for reading.


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